Sungold Solar

Folding Solar Panel

Folding Panel (Germany Solar World solar cell), portable for motorhomes, caravans, RVs, campervans, cars, boats, yachts and other systems with 12V batteries. Fully adjustable to the height of the sun, increasing power output substantially.


Off-grid solar power gives people all over the world the electricity to power their homes. In rural developed countries,off-grid solar power makes it possible to buy undeveloped land(with no utility power)very cheaply. You can build an affordable house and live with all the comforts of a city house…without the electric bill!

With off grid power you are your own electric company! When the sun shines you store excess electricity in batteries and draw it out later. An off-grid inverter can convert the DC energy from solar panels and batteries into AC electricity which powers normal appliances

Off-grid = freedom. With freedom comes responsibility – responsibility for understanding your power system and for maintaining it.
With various level of government is financial support for solar power system installation and feed-in-tariff for purchasing solar power fed into the grid, solar power system investment has become a risk-free financial product with a very attractive of return.

A grid connected PV system, which uses PV modules to convert sunshine into electricity and feeds power into national grid via grid connected inverters without battery storage during the process by a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology.

Model Description Length Width Height Weight Kgs Max Power Watts Max Power VoltageVMP Max Power Current IMP Open Circuit Voltage VOC Short Circuit Current ISC
SGM-20W SUNGOLD 20W MONO RIGID SOLAR PANEL 430 345 25 1.7 20 17.8 1.12 21.3 1.21
SGM-40W SUNGOLD 40W MONO RIGID SOLAR PANEL 550 505 25 3.2 40 17.8 2.25 21.3 2.43
SGM-100W SUNGOLD 100W MONO RIGID SOLAR PANEL 945 670 30 6.9 100 17.8 5.62 21.3 6.07
SGM-120W SUNGOLD 120W MONO RIGID SOLAR PANEL 960 808 35 8.3 120 17.8 6.74 21.3 7.28
SGM-160W SUNGOLD 160W MONO RIGID SOLAR PANEL 1475 670 35 10.7 160 17.7 8.71 21.2 9.4
SGM-215W SUNGOLD 215W MONO RIGID SOLAR PANEL 1324 992 40 14.6 215 23.7 9.07 28.5 9.8
SGM-270W SUNGOLD 270W MONO RIGID SOLAR PANEL 1640 990 40 17.8 270 30 9.09 36 9.82
SGP-320W SUNGOLD 320W POLY RIGID SOLAR PANEL 1950 992 40 21.5 320 35.6 8.99 42.7 9.71