Sentry Lithium Series

Sentry Lithium is a premium range of the highest quality Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) composition. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) was selected for our Sentry range due to its inherent safety features. When comparing LiFePO4 to other Lithium technologies there are some distinct safety advantages. These advantages include greater tolerance to both high temperatures and abuse such as overcharging, short circuit and penetration. As a result of these features the risk of fire is extremely low even under harsh circumstances.

As well as utilising LiFePO4 technology, the Sentry lithium range of batteries also includes a built in Battery Monitoring System (BMS) to further protect against over charge / discharge, over temperature as well as managing internal cell balancing which is critical for the safety of the battery and all of this in flame retardant casing. As an added benefit, Phosphate is not a hazardous material and so is friendly both to the environment and health.

The Sentry Lithium range now comes with IEC Certification on both the BMS and Cells*. This certification has been obtained through thorough testing of the product and a complete audit of the factory. The IEC Certification is a huge tick of approval for safety and quality, and peace of mind.

The Sentry Lithium range comes with all the benefits of LiFePO4 composition in either the standard 12V SLA case sizes or 24V versions for larger applications

With 3.2V per cell the Sentry Lithium range is ideally suited for replacement of equivalent size SLA with the extra benefits of up to 8 times the cycle life, greater utilisation of available capacity through increased Depth of Discharge (DOD) and fast charging. All of this at close to half the weight makes them ideal for deep cycle and mobility applications.

With the all new SNL range you can even monitor the health and status of your batteries on your phone via Bluetooth wireless communication.

*IEC Certification on selected models only

Feature & Benefits

  • IEC Certification on the combination of BMS and individual cell for complete safety peace of mind
  • High energy density (less than half the weight of SLA) lowering total weight of application
  • Fast recharge, battery is charged and ready to be used sooner
  • Flat discharge curve, longer run time and more efficient use of capacity
  • Extremely low self-discharge rate, can sit unused for longer periods of time
  • Large numbers of cycles >2000 (100% DoD), up to 8 times cycle life of SLA lowering your total cost of ownership
  • Safe and stable chemistry and integrated BMS, the use of LiFePO4 along with integrated BMS ensures protection against over charge/discharge, temperature and short circuit providing the highest degree of safety.
  • Bluetooth versions available, monitor the health and state of your battery from your phone
  • Greater capacity utilisation 60% more than SLA, gives longer runtime than equivilent SLA


  • Mobility Devices
  • Caravan and camping
  • Solar energy Storage
  • UPS and Critical power
  • Personal power packs
  • Medical Equipment
Model Description Length Width Height Terminal
Weight Kgs
SNL12V12S Sentry 12V12AH with 4 series functionality 151 98 96 F2 12.8 12 15.0 4P or 4S 1.6
SNL12V20S Sentry 12V20AH with 4 series functionality 180 76 166 M6 12.8 20 30.0 4P or 4S 3.0
SNL12V20BT Sentry 12V20AH with Bluetooth 180 76 166 M6 12.8 20 30.0 4P 3.0
SNL12V24S Sentry 12V24AH with 4 series functionality 166 176 125 M6 12.8 24 30.0 4S or 4P 3.4
SNL12V40S Sentry 12V40AH with 4 series functionality 195 130 170 M6 12.8 40 30.0 4S or 4P 5.5
SNL12V75S Sentry 12V75AH with 4 series functionality 260 169 215 M8 12.8 75 50.0 4P or 4S 9.8
SNL12V100S Sentry 12V100AH with 4 series functionality 306 168 216 M8 12.8 100 100.0 4P or 4S 12.2
SNL12V100BT Sentry 12V100AH with Bluetooth 306 168 216 M8 12.8 100 100.0 4P 12.4
SNL12V125S Sentry 12V125AH with 4 series functionality 318 165 215 M8 12.8 125 100.0 4P 14.8
SNL12V125BT Sentry 12V125AH with Bluetooth 318 165 215 M8 12.8 125 100.0 4P 15.0
SNL12V300BT Sentry 12V300AH with Bluetooth 518 271 222 M8 12.8 300 100 4P 35.0
SNL24V125 Sentry 24V125AH 518 271 222 M8 25.6 125 100.0 4P 32.2
SNL24V150BT Sentry 24V150AH with Bluetooth 518 271 222 M8 25.6 150 100 4P 35.0