Power-Sonic Marine

ALL POWER-SONIC Maintenance Free Batteries feature lead calcium expanded grids (lead calcium technology) for improved resistance to corrosion, gassing, and water usage, self-discharge and thermal runaway, all of which limit battery life in conventional lead acid batteries. POWER-SONIC Marine batteries are designed to take the vibrations and wave pounding that comes with the territory. They have superior starting power and moderate cycling capability with high density plate paste that lasts longer. They are durable and strong and are tested to withstand the demanding marine environment. POWER-SONIC Deep Cycle batteries are designed to provide sustained power for extended periods when continuously discharged. They are built to deliver small amounts of current over continuous periods of time. The differences between POWER-SONIC Deep cycle batteries and the others are;

  • Extra reserve electrolyte and High density plate
  • Glass Mat separators and thicker grids
  • More paste on plates

MARINE AND DEEP CYCLEPOWER-SONIC Deep cycle batteries also provide good cranking performance with easy recharge capabilities, making them ideal for dual battery systems.

Model Description AH
CCA Length Width Max Height
(Inc. Terminal)
PDCM24MF Power-Sonic SMF Deep Cycle 82 A/H 82 130 600 260 174 225 B TM B1
PDCM27MF Power-Sonic SMF Deep Cycle 95 A/H 95 160 670 304 173 225 B TM B1
PDCM31MF Power-Sonic SMF Deep Cycle 120 A/H 110 200 830 330 173 240 B TM B1
PM24MF Power-Sonic SMF Marine 600 CCA 70 115 600 260 174 225 B TM B1
PM27MF Power-Sonic SMF Marine 730 CCA 90 145 730 304 173 225 B TM B1