For over two decades, the engineers at LED LENSER have been pioneers in the advancement of LED technology in portable lighting devices.

Now, with a new line of CREE LED chips crafted exclusively for LED LENSER, they are able to offer updated and upgraded flashlights and headlamps that are lighter, brighter, and provide stunningly clearer, cleaner light than ever before.

Beneath their award winning designs is advanced yet practical technology that enhances the light, its output and the user’s ability to direct it all. It’s what it means when your light is a German-engineered LEDLENSER.

The lumen output of the new CREE® LED chips allows for some of the brightest lights on the market. To complement these powerful LEDs, we redesigned the patented Reflector—Lens to maximize the efficiency of the Advanced Focus System. This allows our flashlights and headlamps to have brighter spot beams for long-distance viewing or cleaner, wider light distribution for up-close illumination.

D LENSER developed the new “Frozen Black” textured coating for improved grip and comfort, allowing for easier handling in harsh conditions or while wearing gloves. This ultra-durable coating, along with the titanium ring bezel, can endure the toughest of tasks and resist the harshest of elements.

The light unit, head straps and battery box have been designed with a specially formed battery case and more comfortable foam to conform to the natural curve of the user’s head. This ensures maximum comfort during extended use.

LED Lenser’s patented modular design improves system reliability by reducing the number of points of contact within a torch. It also means simpler repairs under our industry leading five year warranty in the unlikely event something does go wrong. It also means fewer replaced parts making their way into landfill. Not only smart, but good for the environment too.

LEDLENSER® is known for our straightforward service. We live and love our products and are sure of their quality and performance. The satisfaction of our customers is very dear to our hearts. For this reason, we offer a 5 year warranty on material and manufacturing faults for all original LEDLENSER® products!

And, we go even further: For any Ledlenser product with printed QR code on the torch and headlamp, you will receive an extra  2 years warranty upon registration of product.

The LEDLENSER® warranty, at a glance:

  • Alongside the legal warranty of 2 years, we grant an additional warranty of 5 years.
  • 7 years warranty may be claimed with a product registration (only for products with a registration card)

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