Casey’s Battery Centre’s P/L has joined forces with one of Australia’s leading suppliers of safety, lighting and electrical products, Auto Electrical Imports (AEI). In late 1987 AEI began its operation, supplying rotating parts and accessories to the auto electrical trade in QLD. From these humble beginnings AEI has grown to become a significant supplier of safety, lighting and electrical products to the automotive, mining, and transport and construction industries both in Australia and internationally.

During its first decade of operation AEI focused on supplying heavy duty starter motors, alternators and associated rotating parts along with general auto electrical consumables. In the 1990’s, the company began to forge its future direction with an entry into the Lighting and Safety markets, securing distribution rights for Vision Alert® beacons and Nordic lighting products. The introduction of these brands allowed AEI to expand its industry focus to the Mining, OEM and Industrial markets. At the same time, AEI began manufacturing, with the introduction of Vision Alert light bars to the local market.

From 2000 through 2010, the business continued to grow strongly further increasing its manufacturing capabilities. The product range continued to expand with the introduction of Brigade® and Class1 products. The company’s manufacturing capability also continued to develop with a greater focus on servicing the product needs of the mining and construction industries, minebars and switching systems.

2011 heralded the beginning of a new era for the company with the launch of the IONNIC brand. IONNIC is now well recognised in the global marketplace as the market leader in the provision of electrical, safety and lighting products across a range of industries. This period also marked the start of the company’s transition to product design, development and manufacturing, utilising both in-house capabilities and those of strategic global partners. Drawing on over 100 years of industry knowledge AEI’s in-house design and development capability allows the company to deliver a comprehensive range of heavy duty and made-to-order products tailored specifically to the demands of the market.

Also in 2012, AEI secured the Deutsch (TE) distribution for Australia, further enhancing its ability to service customer’s needs by providing a comprehensive range of environmentally sealed connectors.

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