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Casey Battery Centres & CTI Batteries

A leader in the battery & solar fields with a reputation for excellence.

Casey’s Battery Centres Pty Ltd is an Australian family owned company and has been involved in batteries, solar products and accessories in North Queensland for in excess of 25 years. Casey’s Battery Centres Pty Ltd are the largest independent family owned battery distributors in the North Queensland region. We only source products from companies who manufacture to the ISO 9000 quality management system or above. Which makes us a leader in our fields with a reputation for excellence.

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Our People

Our experience coupled with our expertise ensures our customers can rely on Casey's Battery Centres P/L to assist in solving their battery and energy problems, no matter how complex. Our integeral staff pride themselves on customer service.

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Our Service

Our modern warehouses are located throughout North Queensland in Cairns, Townsville and Mackay. Our facilities has been designed to manage large amounts of stock, ensuring we can deliver to our customers a fully charged state product ready for use whenever required.

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Our Product

We continually work with our local and global supply partners to improve and refine the products we offer. Our aim is to provide you the customer with a complete range of products and services which exceed all expectations. Our commitment is to you.

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